April is Emergency Preparedness Month!

We are looking forward to a great month! Why, you might ask?

First, there are lots of preparedness-related learning opportunities coming up. These include our group’s new Training & Education series, which kicks off on April 7th with presentations by King County Red cross; a Community Preparedness Summit on April 9th; and a special West Seattle SNAP training on April 18th. As well, the Office of Emergency Management’s spring classes have begun! You’ll find more details about all of these on the What’s New page of our website.

Another highlight is that the West Seattle Blog is running a nightly Earthquake Preparedness Series this month. Here are the first two:

Report #1: Introduction

Report #2: Training Opportunities

Here’s hoping that by the end of this month, we’ll all be more prepared for earthquakes and other emergencies!

Updated, April 4th 2011: Here’s a link to all of the preparedness articles on the West Seattle Blog, including the monthly series that ran in April 2010: http://westseattleblog.com/category/preparedness.

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