Emergency preparedness “Pop Quiz” – what do you know?

In the event of a major disaster, we could each find ourselves in a situation armed only with our knowledge/skills/resourcefulness.

What if you couldn’t look it up on the internet?

  • Do you know how to shut off a gas meter? Water meter? Electrical service?
  • Can you spot the hazards in your home? Are you aware of potential hazards at your workplace/school? And, how about your neighborhood?
  • Do you have basic first aid skills? Do you know CPR, how to stop bleeding, can you recognize the symptoms of shock? Are you able to help your friends, family or pets if there are no first responders?
  • Do you know how to move injured people without injuring them further? Have you learned safe lifting techniques so you don’t injure yourself?
  • Can you visually identify buildings that may be potentially unsafe?
  • Have you inventoried the skills/strengths/needs for your own neighborhood or community?

Oh dear – no GPS, no Smart Phone! Now what?

  • Do you know the best/least hazardous  routes to take if your typical route is no longer passable/available? Do you know your way around on foot? What would you do if you needed to travel by bicycle, by bus?

There are many skills to learn that might serve you well in a disaster; we don’t intend to scare you, but there may not be time for “on the job training”.

The good news is that the answers to most of the questions above can be gained at the free classes offered by the Office of Emergency Management. Check out the Training & Education page of our website which has additional details and possibilities!

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