West Seattle Be Prepared Training and Education Series resumes on Sept 28th!

Our 2011 Training and Education series continues following our summer hiatus on September 28th with a topic most of us needs to plan for: Pet Preparedness!

If you have pets, do you have a disaster plan for them? 

What should you do for your pet before, during and after an disaster? What do they need in their emergency bag?  How do you best handle a frightened and upset dog, cat, bird or reptile?  Do you have ideas for pets with special needs, such as tropical fish who need warmth during an extended power outage? What, if any, help will be available for pets after a disaster?

Did you know…

            “More than 30 percent of individuals who refused to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina did so because they were unwilling to leave their pets behind. An ASPCA survey conducted in 2004 revealed that 67 percent of the respondents would refuse to leave pets behind or go to an evacuation shelter that did not accept pets.” (ASPCA.org)

Our special guest speaker is Gretchen McCallum President and co-founder of the Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART)which was formed in 2007 and headquartered in Enumclaw, WA.  Gretchen is a retired King County attorney who is now focusing her attention on pet preparedness and furthering the Mission of WASART which is helping animals and their owners – through disaster preparedness, education, and emergency response.

We will have materials to take home with you including checklists and resources for more information and training.

Event Details

What:  Pet Preparedness Presentation followed by discussion and Q&A.

When:  Wednesday, September 28th, 2011;  6:30 -8:30 PM (time has been updated since we originally posted).

Where:  West Seattle Senior Center (4217 SW Oregon Street, corner of California Ave SW & Oregon, 2nd floor; the entrance is on SW Oregon Street).

Who:  Everyone is welcome! An RSVP would be appreciated, but is not necessary to attend. We hope to see you there!

For more information, contact us:

West Seattle Be Prepared






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One Response to West Seattle Be Prepared Training and Education Series resumes on Sept 28th!

  1. Tracy says:

    This is a great topic. It may sound almost laughable, but it sure wasn’t at the time – in the post-windstorm power outage of 2006, we had only one casualty, and that was the sole surviving fish in the aquarium our then-10-year-old son had loved for years. We had no idea that we should have taken special steps to make sure he survived with his heater/filter out of power; poor thing died trying to get warm, and we were so caught up in the other problems from the outage, we didn’t notice till it was way too late. Thank God that’s the worst thing that happened – there were people in King County who died because of CO poisoning – but nonetheless, it was preventable, and something like this would have helped. Learn now, so you’ll know what to do, just in case.

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