Need $$$? Grant application deadlines are approaching fast!

If you are interested in applying for a for a TECHNOLOGY Matching Fund (TMF) grant (up to $20,000), the deadline for is April 3rd, but you should attend one of two workshops offered this week. There is a workshop tomorrow in Wallingford, and another here in West Seattle:

West Seattle: Saturday, March 3
Delridge Community Center
4501 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, 98106
10:30 AM – Noon

The Department of Neighborhoods has 3 types of NEIGHBORHOOD Matching Fund (NMF) grants available: Small Sparks (up to $1000), Small and Simple (up to $20,000), and Large Projects (up to $100,000). Small Sparks grants can be applied for at any time. The application deadline for Small and Simple grants is coming up fast; it’s on March 12th. Large Project fund grant applications are due in mid-July…with mandatory workshops during the month of April.

If you have ideas for projects that could help your neighborhood or community, you should consider applying for a grant!  Last year, there was a strong emphasis on helping neighborhoods focus on emergency preparedness. Although that is no longer the primary focus in 2012, they will still fund preparedness projects. More details are on the websites linked above.

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