Saturday’s ‘Gathering of Neighbors’ focuses on preparedness!

West Seattle Blog has just posted the schedule for Gathering of Neighbors, which is this coming Saturday, April 21st.  Did we mention that this year it has a strong focus on West Seattle emergency preparedness?

FYI, we’ll be there between 11 AM & 1 PM as part of the “preparedness pod” of community groups and resources; and, we’ll give a short presentation about the West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs.  Besides West Seattle Be Prepared, this preparedness pod will feature 8 other groups that focus on other aspects of preparedness; these include the Seattle Office of Emergency Management, the Red Cross and the West Seattle Blockwatch Captains Network.

Hope to see you there!

Updated 4/22/12:  Adding these 2 links to coverage of the event from the West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald. Thanks to those of you who stopped by our tables!  Our group’s Cindi Barker organized the “preparedness pod” portion of the event; it was great to have all the preparedness-focused organizations all together.


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