Delridge “Unsung Heroes” include two from our group!

On April 20th, two emergency communication hub captains from West Seattle Be Prepared were honored, Ben Canfield and Dave Brown. Ben is the hub captain for the hub in North Delridge; Dave is the hub captain for our Highland Park hub. The following nomination write-ups and photo were forwarded by Cindi Barker.

They called the nominations “unsung heros” and the awards ceremony was the Delridge Neighborhood District Council Gathering of Heros 2012.

Nominee Benjamin Canfield

Affiliation volunteering with the Delridge Emergency HUB

In the case of a major disaster, our community will likely be cut off from the rest of the world. In that case we need a way to communicate with each other and to communicate with nearby communities and the city’s emergency team.

Cindi Barker started the West Seattle Emergency Preparedness program but Delridge didn’t have anyone to lead up our own emergency preparedness Hub, so we were even cut off from her efforts.

Enter Benjamin Canfield. He wanted to be involved in the community and attended an NDNC meeting. He took the role as Delridge Hub Leader and kicked off his first meeting with 10 volunteers–a number larger than any of the 9 prior Emergency Hubs ever had at an early organizing meeting. Within a very short time, the team was trained and had their first HUB Drill under Ben’s direction.

Ben keeps a short wave radio at home and has applied for a Small Sparks Fund for a box of supplies to help neighbors help each other if disaster strikes.

He took on a role knowing few neighbors and rallied a team together.

Though this may seem like a small contribution now, it could be one that saves lives later. Please add Ben to the Unsung Heroes.

Note: you can find more information about Ben’s efforts to establish the North Delridge hub here and here. Ben was unable to attend, so we don’t have a photo of him from the award event.

Nominee Dave Brown

Affiliation volunteering through HUB and working with him on outreach for HUB

Dave Brown has been a volunteer with the West Seattle Be Prepared organization and has volunteered to improve outreach for the West Seattle Be Prepared HUBs. He was specifically interested in making sure the HUBs were made accessible and known to the English as a Second Language folks in the Delridge area.

What an undertaking. He worked with Red Cross to try to get the HUB materials and outreach cards translated into a long list of Delridge spoken languages. When the Red Cross could not deliver in full, he reached out to friends on Facebook and email to find help.

He has been persistent, thorough and caring in his approach to ensuring all of our neighbors will know where to go to get information in the case of a major catastrophe.

Dave is an Unsung Hero.

Dave Brown from West Seattle Be Prepared at the Unsung Heroes event, 4/20/12

Dave Brown from West Seattle Be Prepared at the Unsung Heroes event on April 20th

Dave Brown with Councilmember Sally Clark at Unsung Heroes event, 4/20/12

Dave Brown with Councilmember Sally Clark at Unsung Heroes event, April 20th 2012

Note: you can find the translated versions of the emergency communication hub maps on the drop-down menu at the top of this page. The translations are available in 7 languages: Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, and Tagalog.

And, you can find more about the overall event and the other Unsung Heroes from the community on the West Seattle Blog and the West Seattle Herald.

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