Emergency communications drill on May 11th!

Want to learn more about the emergency communication hubs and how they function during an emergency? If so, you’ll find more details about the upcoming citywide communications drill in the following announcement from Cindi Barker:

On May 11, between 9:00 am and noon, community groups and emergency volunteers from throughout Seattle will be participating in “Shaken and Stirred”, a disaster drill to test neighborhood emergency preparedness.

The groups, know as the Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs, will join the City’s Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) ham volunteers to simulate an earthquake on the same magnitude as the 2011 Christchurch earthquake.  “It’s all about neighbors helping neighbors” said Carl Leon, one of the drill organizers.  “We set up neighborhood hubs where people can come to get information and share resources or skills to help those who have been affected.”

The ACS volunteers will practice sending situation reports of conditions in each neighborhood from the Hubs into the City’s Emergency Operations Center.  In a real event, that information could be used by City response planners to assess conditions throughout the city and develop response plans.

Participating Hub locations include Beacon Hill, Broadview, Capitol Hill, Fremont, LakeCity, Loyal Heights, Magnolia, Maple Leaf,  Queen Anne,  Shilshole, Wallingford, Wedgewood and West Seattle.  All Hub locations will welcome visitors and people who would like to learn and participate in the Hubs.

For more information, contact Cindi Barker, cbarker@qwest.net, (206) 933-6968.

We’ll add additional details about this drill as they become available. In West Seattle, the Morgan Junction neighborhood hub (see map) will be activated. You can find additional information in the Resources section of our website about the hubs in the other communities and about the ACS (Auxilliary Communication Services) groups.

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