Update: Delridge Day 2013 and the SW Precinct Picnic will be held jointly!

As we noted earlier, Delridge Day and the SW Precinct Picnic are both scheduled for Saturday, August 17th. We’ve just learned that they will now be held jointly that day. Here’s the announcement:

The Seattle Police Foundation is excited to announce a great opportunity to attend two fabulous events on the same day, in the same location! The Southwest Picnic at the Precinct will be joining Delridge Day on August 17th for a fun family celebration, West Seattle style. This is a one time deal to enjoy both events together. All of the usual Picnic at the Precinct fun will be had at Delridge Park and Delridge Community Center on August 17th between 11 and 4. In addition, precinct tours will still be offered at the top of each hour between 1pm and 4pm. So plan to visit the precinct on your way to or from the larger event.

This is good news for us, as we will have a single informational booth rather than setting up in two separate locations. As well, the food, entertainment, activities and community groups and vendors will all be in the same location!

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