Opportunity to provide feedback and share your opinions!

Earlier this spring, the Seattle Office of Emergency Management conducted a survey to gather feedback on the current Seattle All-Hazard Mitigation Plan. Now, you have an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft of the updated plan.

Here’s the announcement from the Seattle Office of Emergency Management.

SNAP Announcement: What is Seattle doing to reduce hazard risks? Review our plan!

We want to hear from you! The Seattle Office of Emergency Management has released the draft update to the Seattle All-Hazards Mitigation Plan for public review. The updated plan has incorporated community input collected this spring to help identify hazards, assess risks, and select mitigation strategies. The resulting ‘blue print’ will help guide future mitigation planning in the city.

For access to the plan (PDF) and a jump-start presentation (PDF) to help guide your review, please visit the Seattle Office of Emergency Management website: www.seattle.gov/emergency. This plan will be available for review from September 5 to October, 3 2014.

Please submit your comments by October 3, 2014:

What you think matters to us. With your participation we can best plan for hazards and take actions to reduce the impacts when hazards strike. Thank you!

You can find background and context on the All-Hazards Mitigation Plan update, including a link to the current plan here.

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