A few notes for a new year…

First, a belated Happy 2015 to all of you!

Next, we want to share some exciting news — our group on Facebook has recently grown to over 730 members. Last October, we were thrilled when we reached the 600 mark; now we’re beyond thrilled. Welcome everyone!

Since this is a new year, we also want to mention that we are also on Twitter; you can follow us there at @wsbeprepared. And, I’m probably speaking to the choir here, but don’t overlook all of the personal preparedness resources and information about the emergency communication hubs on our main website, West Seattle Be Prepared.

If you haven’t followed us on Facebook, you may not have seen that the Seattle Office of Emergency Management has already announced and begun some of their 2015 classes. The first Earthquake Retrofit class was held today in Lake City. We’ll add all of the upcoming West Seattle sessions to our calendar (on the West Seattle Be Prepared website); West Seattle classes start in mid-April.  You can visit the Seattle OEM event calendar for the full citywide schedule (which is continually updated). Incidentally, if you haven’t visited the Seattle OEM site for awhile, they’ve updated it; take a look!

Back to the subject of items on our calendar, we wanted to reiterate that you are welcome to listen in on or participate in our weekly radio check-in’s if you have a GMRS or HAM radio. These short check-in sessions are held on Monday evenings and you can find more details on our event calendar. In-person West Seattle Be Prepared field exercises, summits and other educational activities will also be listed there as they are announced.

Will wrap up this post on a fun note! Whether you are a football fan or not, today’s Seattle Seahawks game has a noteworthy connection to our emergency preparedness efforts. The PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network) is testing new seismic early warning  technology during today’s game; check out their QuickShake page during today’s game. If you don’t see this until later on, watch this informative interview that radio station KUOW did with PNSN director John Vidale. I’ve been watching their website results live and it’s very interesting!

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