Do you speak Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Oromo, Tigrinya or Amharic?

If so, here are some ways that you can help others in our community who speak those languages prepare for emergencies. The Seattle Office of Emergency Management has just announced that they are looking for people who speak these languages to to provide training on emergency preparedness. Here is the full announcement.

We are looking for community members to provide trainings on emergency preparedness to immigrant, limited English speaking and refugee communities.

Who Are We Looking For?

Spanish, Somali, Vietnamese, Chinese, Oromo, Tigrinya and Amharic speakers

(Will consider other languages)

People with ability to speak and read English

People comfortable speaking in front of groups

What Does It Pay?

This is a vendor position with the city. Pay is $20 per hour.

Hours are part time as needed through August.

Will Training Be Provided?

Yes, once selected training will be provided.

How Do You Apply?

Contact Michell Mouton at or 206-233-5094


Are you looking for emergency preparedness information in other languages?

If so, here are some other emergency preparedness resources for those who are not native English speakers.

Seattle Office of Emergency Management –  You can find translated materials online here, or contact them for printed materials.

Spanish Preparedness App – FEMA has recently launched a free Spanish-language papp with information on what people can do before, during, and after a disaster to keep their families and communities safe. FEMA’s Spanish-language app offers information, including preparedness tips, locations of nearby shelters, what to include in an emergency supply kit and a user friendly interface for survivors who may need assistance from FEMA after a disaster. Click the links below for more information.

Emergency Communication Hub maps – We will end this post with a reminder that we also have information in other languages about the emergency communication hubs.  Look at the dropdown menu at the top of this page for West Seattle emergency communication hub maps in other languages (Chinese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, Vietnamese).

Please share if you know of someone who would find this helpful!

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