Watch or join the citywide emergency communications field exercise on May 9th!

As noted on our calendar, several members from West Seattle Be Prepared will take part in this year’s citywide spring communications field exercise on May 9th! This event runs from 5 PM until 10 PM in two West Seattle hub locations as well as at other locations throughout the city.

Emergency Communication Hubs organizer, Cindi Barker, sent out the following details today.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a whole year since our last Seattle Emergency Communications Hub drill and time to get things shaken up – literally!

Please find below our two page flyer with information about this years drill.  We again welcome anyone who can come to the hubs in West Seattle (Ercolini and Hiawatha Playfield near the south baseball diamond) to help us keep our skills sharp and ready to respond in the event of a major disaster when all normal communication channels are down, and neighbors need to help neighbors.

We are aware that our drill is again on the same day as the West Seattle Community Garage Sale, but at least this year we begin our drill at 5:00 pm and go until 10:00 pm at night.  This is so we can practice nighttime operations and with the longer drill, can also try doing a shift change.  So stop by if you’re out and about at dinner time, or on your way home from an event.  You can join in and learn one of the hub roles, or you can be an actor for us, drawing a situation from our misfortunes fishbowl and seeing how we handle it.

If you plan on participating, do let me know, it’s nice to know who is able to come.  But drop-in’s are very welcome!

We sincerely appreciate all the community support we get at these drills to help make West Seattle a place where we are prepared to help ourselves and others in a major disaster.

You can reach Cindi directly at, 206-933-6968, or use the Contact Form on our website. The attached flyers, including a version in .pdf format, are below.

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 1 of 2

Come watch or participate in this citywide emergency communication drill!

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 2 of 2

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 2 of 2

May 9th citywide emergency communications drill 2015  (2-page, .pdf format )

Visit the West Seattle Be Prepared website to learn more about the West Seattle emergency communication hubs, view maps, etc.  You can find additional information in the Resources section of our website about the hubs in the other communities and about the ACS (Auxilliary Communication Services) groups.

If you can’t attend the drill in person, but have either a GMRS or ham radio, tune in to listen!  You’ll find more details about our radio frequencies here.

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