Takeaways from the citywide emergency communications drill?

Saturday, May 9th, was sunny and warm — truly a gorgeous day here in Seattle. I later heard that the temperature reached 80 degrees. At 5 PM, the Hub/ACS communication field exercise, dubbed Dark and Stormy 2015, got underway. It did get dark, but participants had to try very hard to imagine stormy conditions.

Two West Seattle hub locations, at Ercolini and Hiawatha parks, were activated for this drill, with participants from the other West Seattle hubs. As noted earlier, this was the first drill that has taken place partially after dark. Another big change is that ham radio, rather than GMRS radio, was the primary method used to communicate information  during this drill. Information being sent to/from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was all done via ham. GMRS channel 1 (West Seattle’s frequency) was only used to communicate from hub-to-hub during the drill.

For those of you who participated, or listened in, we want to hear your takeaways! You can find the Twitter stream for the drill at #Darkandstormy2015, and post any comments or photos you may have taken there. Or, send us your thoughts via the contact form on our website.

West Seattle Blog has posted coverage of the drill including photos and video.

Added 6/10/15: Discovered that the Seattle ACS group has posted photos taken during this drill in a photo gallery here. Scroll down a little and you’ll see one of our West Seattle Emergency Communication Hub signs. They have some great shots taken at our hub locations.

Added 8/27/15: Sharing this video clip that was taken at the Hiawatha hub in Admiral during the drill.

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