Earthquakes in the news this week, as 2015 wraps up!

Coincidentally, earthquake-related topics and a real earthquake were in the local news this week. Thought we would call them to your attention, so they don’t get overlooked in the holiday hoopla!

Cindi KOMO TV screenshot

First, the City of Seattle released a new natural hazards mapping tool that shows areas that are expected to be the most vulnerable to earthquakes. Much of the data was already available if you searched for it, but this new tool brings it together and presents it in a more cohesive, visual way. We’ve included some screenshots below. The Seattle Times featured  it in an article last Sunday, December 27th.

Mid-week, we awoke to news of two West Coast earthquakes,  a Magnitude 4.8 quake off Vancouver Island in British Columbia and a 4.4 in Southern California, northeast of Los Angeles, on Tuesday evening/night, December 29th. Fortunately, there were not reports of extensive damage.

The launch of the new Seattle hazard mapping tool, and the pair of earthquakes, prompted online discussion about local community preparedness — and hopefully caused many others to think about individual and household earthquake preparedness.

Highlights of the media coverage this week included more about our local earthquake preparedness efforts from the West Seattle Blog, including some useful resources in the comments on their story. KOMO TV had a short interview with Cindi Barker, (founder of our West Seattle hubs, and now Hub Coordinator citywide); they also interviewed Bill Steele and John Vidale from the PNSN (Pacific Northwest Seismic Network – a tremendous information resource for our area). KUOW radio also had a short segment with the PNSN seismologists.

We’ll sign off for the year (slightly short of midnight this New Year’s Eve) and wish you all a fabulous New Year!

Below are screenshots of the new Seattle-area natural hazards map. Click the images to take it for a test drive!

Screenshots of new Seattle Natural Hazard Explorer mapping tool

New Seattle Natural Hazard Explorer mapping tool


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