Spring preparedness update

Since my last post on the anniversary of the Nisqually quake, we also passed the 5th anniversary of the Tohoku quake and tsunami that struck Japan on March 11,  2011.

Preparedness-related highlights this past month included several very good articles from KUOW radio. The first focuses on the preparedness level of daycare centers for children in our area. Another focuses on Hollow Columns that hold up bridges on I-5 and I-405. Another is about whether  California takes earthquakes more seriously than we do. All are quite thought-provoking.

On a different note, spring (and fall) are typically when emergency preparedness classes are offered. I don’t see any sessions offered in West Seattle on the City’s Event Calendar at the moment, but you might keep an eye on it in the next few weeks.

Since the Seattle Office of Emergency Management no longer offers CERT training, you may want to look elsewhere for that. We recently received an invitation to participate as volunteers for the CERT training program in Kirkland; here’s more information for those who are interested.

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