Watch or join the Disaster Relief Bike Trials on Sunday!

As we noted earlier this summer, several of our emergency communication hubs plan to activate during the Disaster Relief Bike Trials on Sunday, September 25th — which is being held in conjunction with the Alki Summer Parkways event.

Four of our thirteen hubs plan to participate: Alki (#1), Morgan Junction (#6), Ercolini (#3), and the North Delridge P-Patch (#10). See the West Seattle Emergency Communication Hub map below for locations and addresses.

updated hub map postcard, front side

As well, there will be activity at other nearby locations, the West Seattle Tool Library and Lakewood Park.

Below is an informational table that shows the approximate time frames at the West Seattle hubs and these other locations..

Checkpoint / point person     Active Time      Cargo Activity         Mini-Workshop         Presenting Org

Alki and 60th

  10:30 – 4:40 Water (2, 4-gal buckets, 64 lbs) Zombie Apocalypse Middle Schoolers
Morgan Junction / Cindi Barker   11 – 2 Eggs (breakable medicines) Preventing Exposure Public Health Reserve Corps
Ercolini Park / Jon Wright   11 – 2 Blankets/tarps (5 lbs) Solar powered demo & the Seahawks game West Seattle Natural Energy
Alki Community Center / Tony Fragada   11 – 2 Box of nails/screws (10 lbs) Earthquakes, Tsunamis, and Volcanoes Oh MY: Demystifying Seattle’s Disaster Risks
Tool Library   12 – 3:30 Long tool, like a rake or hoe (5 lbs) Home Prep Habitat for Humanity
Lakewood Park   12 – 3:30 Fix a Flat Fix a Flat/Bike Maintenance
North Delridge P-Patch / Jay McNally   12 – 3:30 Food (20 lbs) Water Purification: Different ways to store and purify water safely, using low tech methods, as well as higher tech products that one could purchase GRAYL

Organizers of the Disaster Relief Bike Trials sent us the following additional info about their overall event. You can find additional info and a link to register on their website, Disaster Relief Trials. Note that there is a charge for those who participate as riders, but citizen participants/non-riders are free.

Join the Disaster Relief Trials to feel the empowerment of biking through the city bringing emergency supplies to grateful citizens! The Disaster Relief Trials will take place Sunday, September 25th, partnering with the West Seattle Summer Parkways event.

This fun, emergency preparedness event simulates a day-3 supply run after a major disaster, and mobilizes bicyclists to carry emergency supplies to and from six checkpoints, including Community Emergency Hubs, a P-Patch, a new traffic garden, and more, throughout West Seattle and White Center.

Riders will stop at checkpoints in a certain order, and suggested routes will be provided, including one local Greenway. Greenways are residential streets generally one off of main arterials with low volumes of cars going slowly enough so that people who walk or ride bicycles feel safe and comfortable.

All riders choose to participate in one of 5 classes. For the Responder and E-assist classes the DRT is an alleycat, and prizes will be awarded to the top finishers. The Resilient and Family classes are more leisurely, and you will have time to participate in family- friendly mini-workshops (see below) at each checkpoint as you ride. “Citizen”, non-riders participate for free!

Checkpoint activities include emergency response mini-workshops for the Resilient, E-Assist, Family and Citizen classes, as well as for the general public, including:

– Zombie Apocalypse Survival
– Emergency Sanitation (a dirty but very necessary job!)
– Emergency Medical Aid
– Shutting down your household systems in an emergency
– Bike Maintenance In a Pinch
– Tsunami Evacuation / Safety Information

Each of the 6 checkpoints will include a cargo activity for the Responder & E-Assist classes. Cargo items may include:

– Buckets of water from the Puget Sound
– Tools from the West Seattle Tool Library
– Bags of Rice to be donated to Rainier Valley Food Bank
– Wool Blankets
– Apples, pet food, sand bags, etc.

Opportunities to get involved:
– Ride!
– Staff a checkpoint and provide an Emergency Response activity.
– Provide materials such as wool blankets, 5-gallon buckets, 5 lb bags of apples, burlap coffee sacks, or water filtration supplies.
– Volunteer at the event for set up, take down, photography, or myriad other fun opportunities.
– Partner with DRT in some other way that furthers the mission of fun, community-focused disaster preparedness!

We hope that you can participate or stop by to watch!

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