Photos: Disaster Relief Trials – Cargo Bikes check-in at West Seattle Hubs

We had great weather and a great time last Sunday at the Disaster Relief Trials in West Seattle. As described in our previous post, four of our West Seattle hubs and the West Seattle Tool Library participated as checkpoints for the riders in this exercise.

Following are some photos that I captured of the activities.


Ercolini hub, where Jon Wright (hub captain), Katie Stemp and other volunteers made good use of solar power.


Cargo bike riders stopped to check in at the Ercolini hub.


Morgan Junction hub staff had help from the Public Health Reserve Corps. L to R: Cindi Barker (hub captain), Winter Zuber, Chrystie Connelly, John Clark, Robyn Haaf, Delores Kannas, and Deb Barker.


Mike Cobb, with the Disaster Relief Trials organization based out of Portland, demonstrates how his cargo bike generates electricity.


Close-up view of the friction wheel on Mike Cobb’s cargo bike. At this event, the electricity produced was used to power an audio speaker.


Morgan Junction hub – John Clark operating the radio, Mike Cobb and Cindi Barker in the background


Youngstown, Tool Library checkpoint Franz Niedermeyer (N3HFS) and Brad Gibson (W9LSR) manning the radios


Cargo bike rider departing the Youngstown Tool Library checkpoint


Youngstown, Tool Library checkpoint – another cargo bike rider checking in


North Delridge P-Patch hub checkpoint – volunteers and staff – Jay McNally (hub captain) is 3rd from left, with Jessica Coleman from ACS on the right.


Disaster Relief Trials finish checkpoint on Alki – around 4 PM as the event ended.

Following are some additional photos that Cindi Barker sent, taken at the Morgan Junction hub unless otherwise noted.

untitled_by_cindib-daj11yt untitled_by_cindib-daj11w4 untitled_by_cindib-daj11wg untitled_by_cindib-daj11ww untitled_by_cindib-daj11xo untitled_by_cindib-daj11y2


Jon Wright (hub captain) watches the Seahawks game at the Ercolini Park hub.


Chas Redmond, greets cargo bikers at the entrance to the Youngstown, West Seattle Tool Library checkpoint.


Morgan Junction hub – Chrystie Connelly, Robyn Haaf, and Delores Kannas from Public Health Reserve Corps


The Disaster Relief Trials event was held in conjunction with Alki Summer Parkways; you can find more photos and coverage of the day from the West Seattle Blog here. As well,  you can find more information about the advantages of using cargo bikes in disasters on the Disaster Relief Trials website.

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