Free First Aid training! Learn how to Stop the Bleed!

Last Saturday, October 29th, I attended a class at Harborview that I first learned of, and posted about, over a month ago. It warrants another mention!


Blood loss is the leading cause of preventable death in multiple casualty events, like mass shootings and terrorist attacks.

Significant external bleeding can also result from everyday events such as a motorcycle crash, or industrial accident. Rapid control of bleeding at the scene of the event can be life-saving.

Harborview Medical Center, the American College of Surgeons Washington State Committee on Trauma, and Seattle and King County EMS are partnering to offer Stop the Bleed training.

Here are more details. Click the “Enroll” tab to sign up! As I type this,  their classes are full through January, but there are opportunities to take the class in February through May.

I found this class incredibly informative, even though I have taken other classes including Disaster First Aid and Active Shooter Training.

I personally wish that everyone knew this information. Please consider it!

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