Citywide Hub exercise is one week from today!

Next Saturday morning, July 29th, from 9 AM until noon, three of the West Seattle emergency communication hubs will participate in another citywide exercise, Cascadia Rising II. This exercise is based on a Cascadia Rising Subduction Zone Earthquake scenario set 6-days after “The Big One” has hit Seattle.

Our emergency communication hubs at Hope Lutheran Church in Alaska Junction, Neighborhood House in High Point, and EC Hughes Playfield (see map) will be activated for this drill. Stop by to watch! You can also participate as a citizen actor!

Scenario-based drills such as this one help us improve our processes and our skills. They also provide a wonderful opportunity for community members to see — and hear — how the hubs will operate during an emergency. Members from ACS (Auxiliary Communication Services) and other organizations also participate.

Here’s the informational flyer  about the overall event, and you can find more details on the Seattle Emergency Hubs website. If you are outside of West Seattle, you are welcome to visit any of the 11 hubs that will be participating in this exercise!

[Added, Tuesday, 7/25]  If you arrived on this page from another site, you may notice a discrepancy in the timeframe for the exercise. Press releases that were sent out by ACS differ from information here and the Seattle Emergency Hubs website and event flyers. The press releases say 8 AM until 1 PM, rather than as 9 AM until noon. FYI, setup for the exercise and training for volunteers runs from 8 until 9 AM. From noon until 1 PM is the debrief following the exercise; that is, discussion of observations about what went well and what can be improved upon in the future. The radio communications portion of the exercise runs from 9 until noon.

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