Follow-up from the citywide emergency preparedness drill

Though the citywide hub communication exercise on July 29th now seems so very long ago, we wanted to follow-up with some details.

First, you’ll find an overview of the exercise, dubbed Cascadia Rising II – Hubs and Spokes, on the home page of the Seattle Emergency Hubs website. They’ve included photos taken at participating hubs, as well as links to all of the media coverage.

As we noted earlier, three of the thirteen West Seattle emergency communication hubs participated. West Seattle Blog’s coverage includes photos taken at the EC Hughes Playfield and the Hope Lutheran Church hubs — each activated for their first drill!

The third hub that participated in the drill was the High Point hub at Neighborhood House. Below are some photos I took there of hub volunteers as the exercise was getting underway and later wrapping up. During the busier portions of the exercise, citizen actors came to report problems or ask for help. Many of the issues posed were quite challenging and will help us fine-tune our skills before we face a real disaster!

Drill organizer, Cindi Barker (right) briefs hub volunteers before the exercise gets underway

Radio operator, Ron Zuber (right), communicates the highest priority messages via radio

Thanks to all who participated or stopped by to ask questions!

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