September is National Preparedness Month!

In light of so many recent regional and national weather-related events, emergency preparedness is a timely topic this month! Thought I’d share some resources and information that you may find helpful and/or thought-provoking.

First, we received a new EOCSNAP – newsletter from the Seattle Office of Emergency Management this past week. It includes information about their upcoming classes and other events scheduled through the end of this year. Note that these are free events, but take place outside of West Seattle. At least one of them is both fun and educational, you can “Ride the Big Shaker.” Big Shaker Event_Sept 21_

The Washington Post has posted an online tool that lets you enter your address to see how deep the flooding would be if Harvey-level rainfall fell on you. Cindi Barker tried it out. She sent me the link and noted that her closest hub location (the Morgan Junction hub) would be under 15 feet of water.

I’ll wrap with some photos of emergency preparedness kit supplies. These along with other informational materials were on display at our recent exercise at the High Point hub.

Food for thought: what would you want in your own kits?

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1 Response to September is National Preparedness Month!

  1. PewnyHughMan says:

    You may want to add pet food, feminine hygiene and other sanitary products

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