More on the April 28th field exercise!

From Cindi Barker:

Does your stress level rise when your cell phone power bars shrink?  Can you imagine living without power for an extended period of time – how would we move information in this age of connective-ness?

We want to find out and learn how neighbor connectivity could help with a response should we have a major regional power outage.  The Seattle Emergency Communications Hubs and the Seattle Auxiliary Communications Service, the ham radio volunteer unit for the city, will be holding a field exercise on April 28, 2018 from 9:00 am to noon.

The Hubs will be practicing passing information on to the community at hub locations and also matching volunteer skills, information and resources with people looking for the same.  We know we will depending on each other in the case of a major disaster here in Seattle, so we work to prepare in advance.

In West Seattle, we will be practicing at Pigeon Point, High Point and Fauntleroy

Your help is needed!  Join us as a volunteer, to learn how you can help your neighbors in a disaster.  Join us as a “citizen actor” to use prepared messages which will give the hub a challenge to solve.  So mark your calendars, sharpen your pencils and spiff up your acting skills – we would appreciate your support!

More information at

Here is a 2-page printable flyer with details and map: 2018 Field Exercise Flyer and Map Final. Please share!

2018 hub drill - no power no bars

2018 hub drill - no power no bars - MAP

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