Plan to join us for two spring preparedness events in West Seattle!

Do you want to (or feel you should) build your disaster resilience, skills, and knowledge? 

Join us for an Urban Survival Skills Fair on Saturday, May 18th, between 10 and 2 PM in High Point Commons Park. It’s part of this year’s West Seattle Bee Festival.

Urban Survival Skills Fair banner

The Urban Survival Skills Fair offers an opportunity to gain a variety of preparedness-related skills and useful knowledge from experts. Topics may include:

  • Amateur Radio — Learn about one of the few communication tools that do not depend on the internet.
  • Develop a disaster communication plan — Communication is critical during a disaster. What should you consider when making your own plan?
  • Learn some useful camping hacks and share your best hacks with us!
  • Build an emergency toilet! We’ll have 50 free toilets to give away (first come, first serve). Learn what to do if the sewer lines have broken or if there is no water.
  • Prepared Communities — Learn more about the network of Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs and about the West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs.
  • Prepared Families — Take some high impact, low-cost steps that can help your family and household make it through any situation.
  • Prepared Neighbors — Learn about the City of Seattle’s SNAP (Seattle Neighborhoods Actively Prepare) program.
  • Prepared Pets — What steps can you take to make sure that your pet stays safe in a disaster?
  • Prepared Schools — Do you understand the “reunification process” that schools may implement following a disaster?
  • Smartphone Emergency Apps — Take steps before a disaster to download useful tools…many will function even without a cellphone signal. Do you know of other apps?
  • Utilities — Do you know when or if you should shut off utilities such as gas, water and electricity, and how to do so safely?
  • Water — Do you know how to properly store and purify water? Following the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, people were without running water for over a year.

[And, if you have knowledge or experience in any of these topics, we would welcome your help at one of the tables — we have key talking points and props for each table to help you help us teach others.  Sign up for a table shift here.]

The second event to note on your calendar is the Citywide Hub and ACS Field Exercise on Saturday, June 1st. It will take place in various locations — watch for updates and more details! 

We’re very excited to share our plans for both of these upcoming events. We hope to see you there!

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