Reminder: Thursday, 10/19, at 10:19 AM, is the Great ShakeOut!

The annual Great ShakeOut takes place this coming Thursday, 10/19, at 10:19 AM!

We hope you can take a few minutes to physically practice earthquake preparedness. As well, please give some thought about where you would to Drop – Cover – Hold in the many other places where you typically spend time.

More details and info about how to register for the drill are below:

As we noted last year, this event may provide a reality check if you don’t see good safe locations around you. You may need to take steps to secure items that could fall on you and/or do some decluttering!

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Donation from VIEWS will help fund new equipment for our West Seattle Hubs!

We’re thrilled and grateful that we are among three organizations that received a donation from VIEWS in late September! West Seattle Blog has more  details here.

Many thanks to VIEWS for their support of the West Seattle Emergency Communication Hubs!

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Congratulations to our own Cindi Barker!

We learned today that Cindi Barker has received national recognition as a Community Preparedness Champion from FEMA for her ongoing efforts to establish emergency communication hubs throughout Seattle, as well as those here in West Seattle.

The West Seattle Blog has the details here!

Cindi’s tireless emergency preparedness efforts here in West Seattle date back more than 10 years with an Emergency Preparedness Seminar in 2007, and the roll-out of our first Emergency Communication Hubs in 2008. She also leads the citywide Seattle Neighborhood Hubs effort.

Congratulations, Cindi!


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Can you take a short survey to help Seattle become more resilient?

The Seattle Office of Emergency Management is conducting a Building a Resilient Seattle survey. Here’s an overview, as well as more about how you can help further this effort.

Seattle has been selected into a global network of cities building urban resilience as part of the 100 Resilient Cities – Pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC). This partnership will help Seattle become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century.

As part of this effort, we are gathering information about what people think is going well in Seattle and what our greatest challenges are. Answering these short questions will help guide our work in preparing Seattle to be a thriving city no matter what challenges come our way. This should take you 10 minutes or less. Thank you for helping us build a Resilient Seattle!

Take the survey.

Can you help further this effort? The following Call to Action is from the Chief Resilience Officer at the Seattle OEM.

Friends & Partners –

We’re embarking on an ambitious effort to build Seattle’s resilience and we need your help.

We’re creating a strategy that will help Seattle continue to thrive amidst ongoing urban challenges as well as prepare for sudden shocks and catastrophic events. 

We have some pretty good ideas of where we need to focus our efforts, but need to validate this info with you, our residents and community leaders. To that end, we’ve developed a short survey that will help us focus our efforts on the most critical areas as identified by our community members. I have two requests:

1) Please take the survey. It should take less than 10 mins of your time.

2) Please distribute the survey to your peers, partners, and networks. Newsletters, social media, emails – whatever way works the best for you. It’s important to us that we hear from as many people as possible to ensure we are building our resilience strategy on the issues you care most about. So PLEASE spend just a few minutes responding to the survey and sharing it with your networks.

Thank you so much for all you do.

Jessica Finn Coven
Chief Resilience Officer – Seattle
Director, Office of Sustainability & Environment

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HAM Radio Class, starts Sept 23

From Cindi Barker:

Here’s a long-awaited opportunity for Beacon Hill, West Seattle and South Seattle community residents to become licensed ham radio operators! Most Seattle classes are held in Ballard. Classes will run for two consecutive Saturdays, September 23 and September 30, from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. both days at Jefferson Community Center, 3801 Beacon Ave S. A group of highly qualified local instructors from the National Association for Amateur Radio will provide training. There is a $15 licensing fee. Modern ham radio is easy to learn. More than 90% of class participants are able to pass the exam and obtain their licenses. Devices are now more simple and affordable than ever before. Plan on bringing a lunch or visiting one of our nearby eateries. During the first class, participants will be given lots of information on available radios so they can make purchasing decisions and obtain their devices if necessary for the second class. PLEASE RSVP BY TUESDAY, SEPT. 19, IF YOU CAN ATTEND. Registration isn’t required, but due to space considerations we need a headcount.

Cindi adds that if that class fills up, “here’s a link to a website that is pretty comprehensive about Western Washington radio classes. I hope something else will work you for you guys.“.


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On the subject of nuclear fallout…

During a presentation on emergency preparedness this week, I was asked how one might prepare for a nuclear strike. I recalled this article, How To Survive the First Hour of a Nuclear Attack.

Thought I’d share here, as I haven’t seen much on the subject. The author includes a link to nuclear blast information on

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More thoughts on earthquake preparedness…

Two summers ago, many of us were caught up in discussion about the controversial article in the New Yorker, The Earthquake that Will Devastate Seattle, that painted a vivid and dire picture of what might happen in this region.

Just recently, a friend posted a follow-up piece that I had not seen, How to Stay Safe When the Big One Comes.

I share them here as food for thought during National Emergency Preparedness Month.

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