Want to “BEE” prepared? Find out how next Saturday, May 16th!

Forgive us for the pun…and stop by to see us at the 3rd annual West Seattle Bee Festival at High Point Commons Park (6400 Sylvan Way SW, Seattle, WA 98126). We’ll be among the community groups participating in the Information Fair this coming Saturday, May 16th. The Information Fair runs between 11:30 AM and 2 PM.

The West Seattle Bee Festival starts at 9 AM with the Honey Run, and there are other fun and educational activities — for adults as well as kids — that follow. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the West Seattle Bee Garden. Between noon and 2 PM, they offer free tours of the bee enclosure!

We’ve included the West Seattle Bee Festival informational flyer with additional details below.

3rd Annual Bee Festival flyer

Join us for the 3rd Annual Bee Festival in West Seattle’s High Point neighborhood!

We hope you’ll stop by “make a beeline” to our booth to learn more, pick up informational materials and hub maps, find out how you can get involved, ask questions or just say hi!

FYI, you can also find and like the West Seattle Bee Garden on Facebook.

Added 5/23/15:  Here is some video from King5 TV taken during the Bee Festival this year.

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Takeaways from the citywide emergency communications drill?

Saturday, May 9th, was sunny and warm — truly a gorgeous day here in Seattle. I later heard that the temperature reached 80 degrees. At 5 PM, the Hub/ACS communication field exercise, dubbed Dark and Stormy 2015, got underway. It did get dark, but participants had to try very hard to imagine stormy conditions.

Two West Seattle hub locations, at Ercolini and Hiawatha parks, were activated for this drill, with participants from the other West Seattle hubs. As noted earlier, this was the first drill that has taken place partially after dark. Another big change is that ham radio, rather than GMRS radio, was the primary method used to communicate information  during this drill. Information being sent to/from the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) was all done via ham. GMRS channel 1 (West Seattle’s frequency) was only used to communicate from hub-to-hub during the drill.

For those of you who participated, or listened in, we want to hear your takeaways! You can find the Twitter stream for the drill at #Darkandstormy2015, and post any comments or photos you may have taken there. Or, send us your thoughts via the contact form on our website.

West Seattle Blog has posted coverage of the drill including photos and video.

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Watch or join the citywide emergency communications field exercise on May 9th!

As noted on our calendar, several members from West Seattle Be Prepared will take part in this year’s citywide spring communications field exercise on May 9th! This event runs from 5 PM until 10 PM in two West Seattle hub locations as well as at other locations throughout the city.

Emergency Communication Hubs organizer, Cindi Barker, sent out the following details today.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a whole year since our last Seattle Emergency Communications Hub drill and time to get things shaken up – literally!

Please find below our two page flyer with information about this years drill.  We again welcome anyone who can come to the hubs in West Seattle (Ercolini and Hiawatha Playfield near the south baseball diamond) to help us keep our skills sharp and ready to respond in the event of a major disaster when all normal communication channels are down, and neighbors need to help neighbors.

We are aware that our drill is again on the same day as the West Seattle Community Garage Sale, but at least this year we begin our drill at 5:00 pm and go until 10:00 pm at night.  This is so we can practice nighttime operations and with the longer drill, can also try doing a shift change.  So stop by if you’re out and about at dinner time, or on your way home from an event.  You can join in and learn one of the hub roles, or you can be an actor for us, drawing a situation from our misfortunes fishbowl and seeing how we handle it.

If you plan on participating, do let me know, it’s nice to know who is able to come.  But drop-in’s are very welcome!

We sincerely appreciate all the community support we get at these drills to help make West Seattle a place where we are prepared to help ourselves and others in a major disaster.

You can reach Cindi directly at cindiLbarker@gmail.com, 206-933-6968, or use the Contact Form on our website. The attached flyers, including a version in .pdf format, are below.

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 1 of 2

Come watch or participate in this citywide emergency communication drill!

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 2 of 2

May 9th drill informational flyer, page 2 of 2

May 9th citywide emergency communications drill 2015  (2-page, .pdf format )

Visit the West Seattle Be Prepared website to learn more about the West Seattle emergency communication hubs, view maps, etc.  You can find additional information in the Resources section of our website about the hubs in the other communities and about the ACS (Auxilliary Communication Services) groups.

If you can’t attend the drill in person, but have either a GMRS or ham radio, tune in to listen!  You’ll find more details about our radio frequencies here.

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The Hub-a-thon starts tomorrow! Want to participate?

As noted earlier, the first-ever Seattle Hub-a-thon, begins tomorrow and continues through Saturday, April 17th and 18th. The objective is to create a comprehensive map of Seattle hub locations and other neighborhood groups that have an interest in emergency preparedness.

We’ve received updated information about the Hub-a-thon event from Debbie Goetz at the Seattle OEM, including a flyer and a FAQ, and have included those below.

Make your mark on preparedness!

The new Seattle Emergency NeighborLink Map is up and running! The first-ever Seattle Hub-a-thon takes place this Friday and Saturday, April 17-18, 2015. No need to wait, you can start participating now.

Go to: http://seattleemergencyhubs.org/

  1. Find the Seattle Emergency NeighborLink Map on the Home Page.
  1. Click the form for SNAP, Block Watch, Hub or CERT below the map.
  1. Submit your info and watch for your group to show up on the map during the April Hub-a-thon!

If you don’t have computer access:

Stop by the American Red Cross office at 1900 25th Ave S. anytime between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Friday, April 17, or 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Saturday, April 18. We will enter the information into the computer for you. Or call 206-684-0517 during Hub-a-thon hours, and we will take your information over the phone.

Follow us on Twitter at: #SeattleHubathon


Hub-a-thon flyer

Hub-a-thon flyer


Hub-a-thon FAQ, page 1 of 2

Hub-a-thon FAQ, page 1 of 2


Hub-a-thon FAQ, page 2 of 2

Hub-a-thon FAQ, page 2 of 2


Note: We’ve added their map-in-progress to our West Seattle Be Prepared website; you can find it on the Seattle Community Hubs (citywide) page. They’ve integrated our West Seattle emergency communication hubs map, as well as included locations for other Seattle emergency hubs along with locations of other preparedness-related neighborhood groups (SNAP, CERT, Block Watch).

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Happy Spring! Here are a few activities for your calendar!

We have a few items and events to tell you (or remind you) about. You’ll can also find details about most of these events on our West Seattle Be Prepared website.


3/25, Wednesday:  The 2nd Hub-a-Thon training event is this week.

3/28, Saturday, 9 AM – noon: free ACS Training (ham radio) at South Seattle College.

4/11 – 12, Saturday – Sunday: Communications Academy (ham radio) at South Seattle College.

4/14 – 16, Tuesday – Thursday: Partners in Preparedness Conference in Tacoma.

4/17-18, Friday-Saturday:  The aforementioned Hub-a-Thon takes place.

4/19, Sunday, 2 – 4 PM:  Free Earthquake Home Retrofit class at the West Seattle Library in Admiral; you can find the full schedule of classes here.

4/30: FEMA Preparathon events – more details to come.

5/2, Saturday, 2 – 4 PM:  Free Earthquake Home Retrofit class at the High Point Library at 35th and Raymond; you can find the full schedule of classes here.

5/9, Saturday, 5 – 9 PM: Citywide emergency communication drill with hubs, ACS and various organizations; this will be the first drill conducted in the dark.

5/16, Saturday, 11 AM – 2 PM: Bee Festival in High Point – outreach event for us.

NOTE: We have not included all of the community events at which we’ll be doing outreach here, and we also have not included our weekly radio check-in’s that happen on Monday evenings. FYI, you’ll find those on our Event Calendar, which is on the home page of our site! We will continue to update as we hear about new events or receive more information.

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Hub-a-thon events coming up in March and April!

We have some preliminary information about the first-ever Seattle Hub-a-thon, which is coming up on April 17th and 18th!  There will also be two pre-event trainings on March 18th and 25th.  See the informational flyers below for details; we’ll post updates as we receive them. [Added 3/29/15: we’ve added their map-in-progress to our West Seattle Be Prepared website; you can find it on the Seattle Community Hubs (citywide) page.]

Hub-a-thon_page1of2 Hub-a-thon_page2of2

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Upcoming Ham radio training events this weekend!

Are you an experienced Ham operator or interested in becoming one? If so, we received the following announcements from Carl Leon with Seattle ACS (and Broadview Prepares) about two events that are happening this weekend.

For those who are have some ham experience or who are interested in hub communications.

Radio Protocols training by the ACS team, 9:00 am to noon at South Seattle (community) College, room 101 in Olympic Hall. Training will be on Voice Communications Protocols, Message numbering, and message logging and will include a practical session to get you used to passing and logging messages.  This will be a hands-on training that would benefit (GMRS) Hub radio operators as well as ham operators.  One of the items related to message numbering will include the hub message numbers (sector and hub designator format).

For those who want to earn a ham license.

There will be a Technician class amateur radio class and test in Ballard on February 21 and 28 (2 day class, 2 consecutive Saturdays). The group that does this class has had about a 95% success rate (pass rate) for people attending and taking the test. If you would like to take the class, contact Daniel Stevens, 206-228-9274 or by email at KL7WM@aol.com

If you are interested in either GMRS or Ham radio communications, a reminder that you can listen in or participate in weekly radio check-in sessions each Monday evening.  You’ll find more details here.

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