Novel Coronavirus Resources

Although it’s been a while since we’ve updated this blog or our website, we wanted to reassure you that the Hub Captains and other volunteers — here in West Seattle and across the City of Seattle — are still very much engaged in helping our community be prepared, resourceful and resilient.

Last evening, over 40 of us met VIRTUALLY with a representative from the Community Mitigation branch of Public Health Seattle & King County/to learn more about how we can help slow or stop the spread of this virus, and safely help those in our community who fall ill.

We also wanted to share a few local and national resources here and encourage all of you to share information with your friends, families, neighbors and others — and do what you can to dispel any misinformation.

Public Health Seattle & King County — Latest information and recommendations about all things related to the Coronavirus. Note that they have established a Call Center for individuals as well as one for health care providers who have questions.

West Seattle Blog — This link to their ongoing coverage of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak includes video from yesterday’s press conference by Governor Inslee and other leaders, as well as past and future stories relating to the virus.

Mayor Durkan’s Blog —  Mayor Durkan’s blog post of March 10th visually articulates the strategy being taken here and tangible steps we can each take to mitigate the impacts.

Center for Disease Control website — Provides a national perspective and information about the Coronavirus.

World Health Organization — Offers the worldwide perspective and rolling updates about the Coronavirus.

West Seattle Be Prepared Facebook group — We want to remind you of this resource! Some of the resources listed here were originally shared by members there. Feel free to share additional information and insights, and pose any questions that you may have.


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