Earthquake Preparedness!

One school of thought is that if we prepare for earthquakes, we’ll be ready for anything else that comes our way. That said, we launched this page in spring 2011 to centralize useful earthquake-related information and resources. Some of the content here has also been posted on our website or our Facebook page; some is new. We’ll try to keep adding more…so check out our earthquake-related blog postings!

Earthquake Resources

USGS Earthquake Resources – excellent site! You can sign up for their earthquake alert notices, view shakemaps, and more.

Pacific NW Seismic Network (PNSN) – useful site with local earthquake-related information. They have a group page on Facebook; it has real-time discussions, so it’s a better place to check following any local earthquakes – local scientists offer various insights into what they are seeing.

Cascadia Region Earthquake Workshop (CREW) – of special note is the useful overview of earthquake hazards in our area and Washington State; see the “What Causes an Earthquake?” link. As well, the “Homeowners” page has useful preparedness info.

USGS Earthquake Glossary

Seattle Office of Emergency Management “Hot Topics” page includes key takeaways from the Japan disaster, June 2011

Additional Information

Seattle City Council briefings on emergency preparedness initiative, June 2011

Citywide Hub Communications Drill/Field Exercise, May 7th 2011

Community Preparedness Summit, April 9th 2011 – includes earthquake preparedness tips from the Seattle Office of Emergency Management

Red Cross Presentations, April 7th 2011 – includes earthquake preparedness information from the Red Cross organization

West Seattle Blog‘s Earthquake Preparedness series, April 2011

Report #1: Introduction

All WSB’s earthquake preparedness materials

KING5 TV – earthquake resources & preparedness information

KCTS TV – On Shaky Ground: Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest (video)

Natural Hazards in the Pacific NW –

New Zealand earthquake – excellent information and insights as this community works to recover/rebuild

Japan earthquake & tsunami – insight into the immediate needs in the 1st two weeks that followed

What earthquake information would you find helpful?

Are you looking for information that we are missing? If so, let us know; if you have items you think we should include on this page, please send them our way!

Note that you can also use the search feature on our site to find earthquake-related information or click the Earthquake Preparedness category in the right sidebar. Going forward, we’ll also tag new EQ content so you can retrieve it more easily.