Upcoming Ham radio training events this weekend!

Are you an experienced Ham operator or interested in becoming one? If so, we received the following announcements from Carl Leon with Seattle ACS (and Broadview Prepares) about two events that are happening this weekend.

For those who are have some ham experience or who are interested in hub communications.

Radio Protocols training by the ACS team, 9:00 am to noon at South Seattle (community) College, room 101 in Olympic Hall. Training will be on Voice Communications Protocols, Message numbering, and message logging and will include a practical session to get you used to passing and logging messages.  This will be a hands-on training that would benefit (GMRS) Hub radio operators as well as ham operators.  One of the items related to message numbering will include the hub message numbers (sector and hub designator format).

For those who want to earn a ham license.

There will be a Technician class amateur radio class and test in Ballard on February 21 and 28 (2 day class, 2 consecutive Saturdays). The group that does this class has had about a 95% success rate (pass rate) for people attending and taking the test. If you would like to take the class, contact Daniel Stevens, 206-228-9274 or by email at KL7WM@aol.com

If you are interested in either GMRS or Ham radio communications, a reminder that you can listen in or participate in weekly radio check-in sessions each Monday evening.  You’ll find more details here.

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